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Secure hard drive cleanup software is a standardized file erasing and disk wiping utility which enables you to ensure permanent data deletion. Disk cleaner automatically cleans the file content that usually contain the private information, secret passwords, recently deleted folders or anything else which can be easily recovered using data undelete software. Data wiper software ensures the security and privacy of your confidential data which was previously stored on the hard disk. Hard disk wiping tool supports all major removable media storage devices including thumb drive, compact flash memory card, smart media, MMC, memory stick, sD card and other USB supported drives. Powerful files deletion software can erase internet offline and online activities such as cookies, administrator temporary files, history, favorites, typed URLs and login details. Utility is economical and provide a user help-manual to understand the functioning of this erasing application. Data eraser can remove all unused files which have taken a large space on you hard disk or other storage device and have no longer use.

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